Minimally Invasive Surgical Servies

Minimally Invasive Surgical Services


Throughout Aria Health's Department of Surgery, specialists take advantage of techniques to reduce the impact of surgery and make the experience less disruptive. Most notably, since August 2010 hundreds of minimally invasive-robotic assisted surgeries have occurred in a variety of specialties including: Thoracic, Gynecologic, Urological and Thyroidectomy surgeries.

This tool gives Aria Health's surgeons unprecedented dexterity and visualization, while keeping the invasiveness of the laparoscopic surgical approach to a minimum.

To learn more about our minimally invasive surgical services and our robotic-assisted surgery capabilities, call 215-612-4000 or 1-877-808-ARIA.

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Heart Center

Heart Center

Learn more about the Heart Center at Aria Health-Torresdale, a certified chest pain center.


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