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Thoracic Surgery


Jefferson Health's Department of Advanced Thoracic Surgery offers the most leading-edge technology for the treatment of lung and esophogial cancers.

  • Lung and esophageal cancers
  • Mediastinal tumors, or growths that occur in the area between the lungs
  • Additional conditions of the lungs, esophagus and diaphragm

In addition to these standard conditions, our department also specializes in several advanced facets of thoracic surgery and treatment such as da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System Robotic System for Thoracic Surgery

This robotic technology provides Jefferson Health surgeons with unparalleled precision, dexterity, and control that enable a minimally invasive approach for complex surgery. Other surgeries include:

Endoscopic Bronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

A thin tube carrying a camera and an ultrasound device inserted into the patient’s windpipe while the patient is anesthetized to identify suspicious structures or biopsy the lymph node.

Nd:Yag Laser Ablation and Stenting of Endobronchial and Endo-esophogial Tumors

A neodymium: yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd:YAG) laser beam is aimed at the cancer through the tip of an endoscope to destroy the cancerous tissue. Stenting procedures are performed with nickel-titanium stents.

Stereotactic Body Radioablation with TrueBeam

A non-invasive treatment of early stage lung cancer for patients as an alternative to surgery. Focused radiation treatment targets the tumor while protecting the surrounding organs.

To make an appointment with the Advanced Thoracic Surgery program at Jefferson Health, call 215-612-5050.

The Lung Cancer Screening Program

Early lung cancer screening can save lives. Jefferson Health’s Comprehensive Lung Cancer Program provides people who are at risk for developing lung cancer (including current and former smokers), with personalized testing and sophisticated care based on the latest research findings.

At Jefferson Health we use low-dose computed tomography (CT) scanning to identify possible signs of lung cancer. CT scans merge X-ray views from different angles, producing a two-dimensional, cross-sectional image of your lungs. This approach is significantly more effective than conventional x-rays in finding signs of cancer early, when it is easiest to treat.

Our lung cancer screening team includes board-certified specialists from such fields as radiology, medical oncology, pulmonary medicine, thoracic surgery and radiation oncology. As a Jefferson patient, you will benefit from the combined expertise of our highly qualified team members.

Because of our expertise and results, Jefferson Health has been named a Lung Screening Center of Excellence by the national Lung Cancer Alliance.

Jefferson Health is committed to offering our patients comprehensive, quality cancer screening and treatment choices in a convenient, comfortable, and reassuring  setting.

About Advanced Thoracic Surgery at Jefferson Health

Jefferson Health's Advanced Thoracic Surgery Program offers knowledgeable, experienced prevention, early diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions within the chest cavity, including the lungs, thoracic and abdominal aorta, esophagus and diaphragm. Our thoracic surgeons perform both open surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Patients with diseases or conditions such as lung cancer, chest trauma, esophageal cancer and emphysema may require thoracic surgery.

Our surgeons have expertise in the latest technology including lasers, computer-assisted robotic surgery, bronchial and esophageal stents and video-assisted thoracic surgery.

A compassionate, experienced team of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory technicians, and social workers work together to ensure that all patients receive the highest level of care and support services.

We offer a full continuum of care:

  • Thoracic Navigator: 215-612-4137
  • Nurse Practitioner: 215-612-5050

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