Vascular Surgery

Kalind Bakshi, MD
Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery

Aria Health's Division of Vascular Surgery is staffed by the largest number of certified vascular surgeons in private practice in the Philadelphia area. At Aria, we treat both arterial and venous diseases by medications when possible and/or by utilizing minimally invasive methods. This consists of introducing small fine catheters and guidewires, balloons and stents through the arteries and veins via skin punctures, or vevy small incisions to unclog blocked arteries or repair aneurysms. This is a new field called Endovascular Surgery.

Aria Health - Torresdale is recognized as a Center for Excellence in Vascular Surgery, where practicing vascular surgeons come to receive instruction in the newest techniques in this highly specialized field. We also train young doctors to become the vascular surgeons of the future in our vascular fellowship program, which is one of only four such programs in Philadelphia.

When medical management and non-invasive and minimally invasive methods are not successful or feasible in treating vascular blockages, we move toward open surgical intervention. Aria performs more than 1000 vascular procedures every year, including operations on all the arteries and veins in the body (e.g. aneurysms, carotid arteries, bypass to the arteries in the lower and upper extremities) to prevent gangrene and improve the walking ability of many of our patients. We also create shunts for dialysis and treat varicose veins with the most advanced procedures available. Blood clots are treated with medications to dissolve them or prevent their spread. If this is successful, we insert Greenfield filters through small skin punctures to prevent the blood clots from going to the lungs and causing death.

Our newest procedure - "the patch" - treats abdominal aortic aneurysms using the newly FDA-approved devices. We have done the second largest number of procedures of any hospital in the tri-state area.