Sports Medicine

Dedicated, personal care from orthopedists
who have a special focus on athletics

Aria’s orthopedic service and its highly trained sports-medicine specialists serve athletes at all levels.  From promoting prevention and conditioning to promptly responding to injuries, these dedicated sports-medicine specialists are passionate about caring for those who are active or athletic.  

Aria’s sports-med team is well versed in helping athletes to avoid sports-related injuries, and in treating such injuries and rehabilitating them. 
The objective is for patients to get return of function, relief of pain, restoration of strength and performance, and enjoyment of return to activities.

These sports medicine physicians – many of them athletes themselves – can readily analyze injuries commonly seen in all areas of sports and athletics.  Their knowledge of the risks particular to men, women, and young people, and to particular activities, help them to advise patients and pinpoint problems quickly.  From guiding on the use of foot orthotics to carefully planning a restorative exercise program to providing intricate and exactly engineered surgery, Aria’s orthopedic surgeons understand and respond to the complexities of muscle, bone, and joint dysfunction that can occur in participation in sports or exercise.

The staff works quickly and appropriately to reduce pain, undertake any needed procedures, and help patients heal and return to performance levels and activities.  Patients who benefit are of all demographics as well as all levels in sports – at the recreational, youth, high-school, college, professional, and elite/masters categories.

The most common sports related injuries seen are those of the knee and ankle.  Shoulders, wrists, backs, and feet also suffer the rigors of high-level or vigorous physical activities.  Aria’s group sees the entire varied range of injuries and the myriad of individual circumstances around them that can affect anyone from the top echelon of athletics to the person who engages in even the most modest training and conditioning.  Through aggressive management, athletes – be they intense performers, students or “weekend warriors” – are returned to activities, sports, and competition in a safe and cautious manner.  Everyone has different needs, and the staff tailors the care and pace of treatment and return to sports for each.  But the goal of the orthopedic sports medicine surgeon is to get the athlete back to previous activities in a rapid yet prudent fashion. 

With education, activity modification, and sometimes interventional treatment and supportive aids, the athlete – whether casual or serious – resumes athletics understanding his or her condition and better aware of how to prevent injury in the future.  The team can also provide ongoing care for chronic conditions related to athletics, and help athletes safely overcome orthopedic-related issues to improve performance.

Sports Medicine