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Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine

Sometimes called “the other third of life,” sleep is so important to health that without it (both quantity and quality), our mental and physical function deteriorate quickly. 

Not uncommonly, physical problems and psychological factors cause difficulty in sleep. In addition to bringing on daytime fatigue and sleepiness, sleep disturbances also compromise general mental and emotional status. Increasingly, sleep deprivation has also been linked to chronic physical health concerns including elevated blood pressure, stress-hormone activation, weight gain, and possibly impact on longer-term cognitive function. 

Sleep disorders are not unusual and, as a result, care has become a significant field of medicine. Jefferson Health – Northeast’s Sleep Diagnostic Centers have years of experience in diagnosing and treating these conditions. The most common ones evaluated and cared for by our certified sleep-medicine staff include:

  • Sleep apnea: Patients with this condition have disrupted breathing during the night.   
  • Restless leg syndrome: This neurological condition causes nighttime twitching and cramping of the legs that interrupts sleep.
  • Sleep cycle disruption: Problems in maintaining good sleep “hygiene” as a result of failing to set to-bed and rising times that provide adequate sleep is a common situation.  Difficulty in creating a good sleep environment can also interfere with the normal rhythm and duration of sleep.
  • Other sleep disorders: The now-extensive list of known sleep problems also includes insomnia, dream disturbance/night terrors, narcolepsy and nighttime pain. Sleep disorders can also prove difficult and disruptive for the sufferer’s sleep partner.
Sleep Diagnostic Centers

Sleep Diagnostic Centers

Jefferson Health – Northeast offers patients two locations for its Sleep Diagnostic Centers, which provide comprehensive testing and treatment.

Our sleep centers provide thorough evaluation, testing and treatment for sleep disorders. A well-trained and courteous professional staff offers testing services seven day per week, under the medical direction from a certified sleep medicine physician. 

For overnight sleep studies, the team records various factors of the patient’s sleep with different types of monitoring in the center’s sleep laboratory. This record is called a polysomnogram. It charts brain waves, EKG, breathing, muscle movements, and is accomplished by adhesively attaching tiny wires to the skin.

With results of this testing (as well as medical history, sleep-evaluation diary and questionnaire tools) our sleep medicine doctors can prescribe adjustments to sleep habits and sometimes medical intervention to treat sleep disorders. Treatments can involve nighttime breathing assistance for sleep apnea, medications, sleep-cycle logs and counseling, sleep environment alterations and stress reduction recommendations. 

To learn more about Jefferson Health – Northeast’s Sleep Diagnostic Centers, call 215-671-0712.

For evaluation by a sleep specialist physician, call 215-612-8500.

To schedule a sleep study, call 1-877-808-2742.