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Our Department of Radiology is one of the premier hospital radiology groups in the region, and one of the largest radiology groups in the Philadelphia area. The staff provides radiologic testing and care of the highest quality, taking great pride in what they do. 

Patients can feel the same confidence and comfort that they would with at any major or university-based medical center. Our radiologists work to earn trust with a high level of performance while offering personal, convenient, neighborhood care.

What is Radiology?

Radiology uses various types of directed-beam energies, electromagnetic radiation, and sound waves to create images of the body for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment options. The images generated in radiology can reveal diseases and conditions, and can show how effectively the body and its internal organs and structures are functioning. The types of energies used to create these images help to divide the various radiology modalities into different categories of imaging. Radiology has evolved into a high-tech science with constantly updated equipment to aid in imaging more aspects of the body and an increasing number of procedures that allow radiologists to actually intervene and address physical conditions. While there is always caution about the potential harmful side effects associated with the use of radiation and other types of energy used in imaging, we know that the small risks are greatly outweighed by the information gained. Research has shown that exposure to electromagnetic radiation, ultrasound waves, and other forms of energy used in radiology are within safe ranges.

Today, radiology medical field provides care of two types: diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology.

Who is the Radiology Team?

More than two dozen board-certified radiologists staff our Department of Radiology. These physician specialists (along with radiologic nurses, technicians, and other healthcare personnel) make up a highly skilled, focused, experienced and cohesive radiology team that is responsible for your diagnostic and interventional care. Our radiologists include fellowship- and subspecialty-trained physicians. The team delivers the highest quality radiological imaging and procedures in a timely fashion and in a safe, friendly environment.

Services Provided

At our hospitals and outpatient locations, the radiology service practices in modern, state-of-the-science facilities that employ a digital Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) network. PACS permits consultation and review from any site within the network and allows your physician on-site and off-site to review examinations.

We offer the following modalities, all of which meet the strictest criteria of excellence and are approved by the American College of Radiology:

  • Plain-film radiography (x-rays), including digital mammography
  • Advanced computerized tomography (CT)
  • Non-invasive diagnostic examinations that do not require ionizing radiation such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound
  • The latest nuclear medicine studies, including nuclear studies for cardiac conditions as well as isotope treatment for cancer and thyroid disease
  • PET imaging
  • Interventional Radiology

To make an appointment or to receive more information about these services, please call scheduling at 215-831-5800.