What is SRT?

Stereotactic Radiotherapy


Stereotactic radiosurgery systems are designed with the goal of delivering full treatment in as few sessions as possible.  With this approach, Aria’s radiation oncology team can deliver the complete dose of radiation to the patient in a single patient visit. 

But Aria’s cancer team can also use these machines to provide multistage radiation therapy with the same extremely high levels of precision.  Stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) is simply radiosurgery in which the radiation-onocology team delivers the full dose of radiation over a course of several sessions.  In this radiotherapy, Aria’s radiation oncologists fractionate the total radiation dose over several patient visits.

Sometimes several stereotactic treatments are needed, referred to as radiotherapy
Whether to deliver stereotactic radiation in a single or multiple doses is a decision that Aria’s cancer specialists make based on factors such as the size and location of the tumor, which can influence the ability of the treatment team to spare surrounding healthy tissue when delivering concentrated radiation therapy.

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