Benefits of Radiosurgery

What are the advantages of undergoing radiosurgery?

Radiosurgery offers: safe therapy; a positive patient experience; and potent, effective tumor treatment.Aria’s investment in the first-rate technology and staff expertise needed for stereotactic radiosurgery provides many benefits for patients:

  • Radiosurgery can often treat inoperable cancers that cannot otherwise be treated.
  • Radiosurgery is a noninvasive treatment that uses an “invisible blade” of radiation. This bloodless procedure minimizes discomfort and reduces the risks of complications and side effects associated with conventional, invasive surgery or certain other cancer treatments.
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery concentrates radiation in the tumor or other targeted tissue as exclusively as possible.  It can be more effective at treating disease while simultaneously reducing any unwanted effects of the treatment.

  • With its high level of accuracy and power, the system permits the cancer team to treat abnormalities quickly and effectively, so that it reduces the number of treatment visits and thus total treatment time.
  • Advanced motion-management techniques allow the radiosurgery team to direct treatment to areas throughout the body.  During  treatments, patients can continue to breathe naturally, reducing stress and increasing comfort.