Lung Radiosurgery

Using invisible radiation therapy like a knife
     to destroy lung tumors

A special advantage for Aria lung-cancer patients: the Lung Cancer Conference
Patients who come to Aria for testing or treatment for lung cancer benefit from special attention and care that results from Aria’s weekly, multidisciplinary lung-cancer conferernce.  Organized by Aria’s Department of Radiation Oncology, the meeting brings together a full array of cancer specialists to evaluate the case for each individual screened for, or diagnosed with, lung cancer. 

Conferring surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other team members identify any additional studies the patient needs, reach consensus on each patient’s condition, and agree on a course of care tailored to each individual’s needs and based on the very latest knowledge from all cancer-care disciplines.  Patients have the confidence of knowing that an experienced, skilled lung-conference group is now collaborating on their treatment and following them through each phase of care and follow-up

Lung cancer can be hard to get at without a patient having to undergo difficult surgery.  But new, highly advanced technology for sending multiple beams of radiation through one targeted point, can reach and destroy lung tumors far less invasively.  

For patients. this means the cancer team uses invisible energy to kill tumors with no incisions and no (or minimal) side effects of treatment.  Stereotactic radiosurgery targets cancer cells while maximally sparing surrounding tissue.

Fewer treatments, no surgery, and precise targetting of even the smallest lung cancers.

The advanced technology in Aria's Trilogy system also compensates for patient breathing during care. Based on CT's taken before treatment, the radiation therapy machine pulses and adjusts to patient respiration, so that patients can breathe comfortably while on the treatment table.

Radiosurgery is especially applicable to early-stage, peripheral (non-small cell) lung cancer.  Aria’s university-faculty radiation oncologists can evaluate each individual to determine if lung radiosurgery is right for him or her.

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