Radiosurgery Advantages at Aria

What advantages does Aria's stereosurgery system bring to patient care?

Aria's Department of Radiation Oncology uses the Trilogy™ Stereotactic System from Varian Medical Systems, one of the most advanced, sophisticated technologies of its type in the world.  The system delivers therapy with submillimeter accuracy and allows the radiation-oncology team to customize treatment to any patient’s needs.









The state-of-the-science targeting system assures that the radiation beam kills only the tumor.


The unit is has an advanced, medical linear accelerator, a unit that rotates 360 degrees around the patient to deliver radiotherapy treatments from many angles.  It delivers higher doses of radiation in tightly focused beams to smaller areas over a shorter period of time.

The system incorporates sophisticated technologies for shaping the radiation beam so that the dose of radiation is limited to the region of abnormality.  By changing the beam shape over time, while delivering the radiation, doctors achieve very fine control over how and where the radiation is administered.

The system at Aria’s Cancer Center also incorporates a number of technologies for positioning patients accurately, including:

  • a special, high-quality, low-dose, digitial x-ray imager and CT imager used to check the patient's position just prior to treatment;
  • an optical-guidance system with infrared cameras that continuously monitor the patient to provide therapists with real-time feedback about any changes in a patient's position – and with the ability to reposition patients quickly and accurately;
  • and respiratory-gating technology that coordinates treatment with respiration, to compensate for tumor motion due to the patient breathing.

These features help make the radiation beam highly precise, allowing clinicians to deliver treatments with unprecedented accuracy.  All of this helps to shorten the length of time patients need to spend undergoing treatment and recovering from it.