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Scot Fisher, DO
Director, Dept. of Radiation Oncology & Radiosurgery

At Aria Health's Cancer Center, an experienced team of radiation oncologists, physicists, nurses, and therapists evaluate patients with the assistance of the newest technology available.  All board certified in radiation oncology and faculty members of Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University, Aria's radiation oncologists offer patients customized treatment in a caring environment. Patients have access to the latest radiation therapy technology and delivery systems, national clinical research studies, and multidisciplinary treatment programs.


The Department of Radiation Oncology and Radiosurgery at Aria Health-Torresdale is equipped with a Varian 2100C linear accelerator and a Varian Trilogy unit with the most advanced three-dimensional treatment planning.  These machines permits the department to deliver advanced forms of radiation therapy.

These include the precision of Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT), a treatment approach that enables more focused delivery of radiation therapy by varying the intensity of the radiation beam.  Aria's system uses sophisticated hardware and computer software that shapes and controls radiation beams to best target a cancer site. 

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The department also has a dedicated computed tomography (CT) unit, for CT scans within the treatment area.  This permits fast precise planning and spares the patient an additional trip to radiology (and allows for gated scanning to compensate for breathing movement when targetting mid-body lessions such as those in the lungs.)


A member of the Jefferson Cancer Network, the department and its Cancer Center give patients access to the latest knowledge and investigational care of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG), the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), and the Jefferson Oncology Group (JOG).  
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Multidisciplinary Care

The deparment's staff collaborates closely with other cancer experts at Aria and helps to lead a number of special and critical Aria cancer programs: 

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For more information on Aria's Radiation Oncology Services, or to receive a physician referral or appointment, please call 1-877-808-ARIA.

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