Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Gary Aaronson, D.O., F.C.C.P.
Director, Division of Pulmonary Medicine
Pulmonary Laboratory - 215-612-4010

The Division of Pulmonary Medicine is a group of professionals who care for all aspects of the specialty of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. Both inpatient and outpatient services are provided to treat patients with health problems such as asthma, pulmonary embolic, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, lung carcinoma, sarcoidosis, granulomatous lung disease and sleep disorders. Critical care services are provided in our Intensive Care Units for patients who require ventilatory support.

A complete pulmonary function laboratory, sleep laboratory and pulmonary rehabilitation program are also available for the care of our patients.

State-of-the-art fiberoptic bronchoscopy services enable diagnostic and interventional services for a wide variety of pulmonary and bronchial abnormalities. For patients with pleural effusions, both thoracentesis and referral for thoracoscopy are available.

Pulmonary education programs are available for patients with obstructive lung disease and asthma.