What Our Patients Are Saying!

Eneida Sierra

I visited Jefferson Health Physical Therapy in July 2016 – a few months after my surgery removing a meningioma tumor in my brain. The surgery left me with symptoms very similar to a stroke; I had weakness on the right side of my body, speech impairments, balance issues, and it was hard to do normal, everyday activities.

My therapist was Cini. from day one, I knew she was the perfect person to work with. She was sweet, but no-nonsense. We were a perfect match.

I remember my first day, Cini had me on the exercise bike for three minutes. I used to be fit and went to the gym before the surgery, but now could barely do one minute on the bike. I broke down and began to cry. That day Cini’s words gave me strength, saying it was my first day and I will get better. As I progressed it was Cini’s patience, but also challenging me when she knew I could do more which helped me to get sturdier. Cini encouraged me because she saw her persistence helped push me a little further. I gained a lot of confidence and was able to make steady progress over the next several months.

My last session was in September 2017, and I’m doing so much better. I can do those things that used to be so challenging after my surgery. Not just Cini, but all the therapists and other staff there are awesome. Plus, my neurologist is at Jefferson Health in Center City, having Aria as part of the network made it a seamless continuation of my care. It was an overall great experience and I would recommend Jefferson Health Physical Therapy to anyone.

Thanks Cini… I couldn’t do this alone!

Eneida Sierra