Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Identify Sleep Disturbances, Evaluating Their Impact and Providing Solutions

Everyone snores once in a while, but regular snoring may fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity from mild and benign, to disruptive of sleep for self and others, to representative of a more serious condition called sleep apneaAria's ENT doctors address
sleep apnea to reduce its
affects on quality of the life
and minimize risks it may
pose of other physical
Those who suffer from the condition experience periods of rhythmic disruption of breathing at night that interrupts sleep and affects the cardiovascular system, influencing heart health, blood pressure, and other factors. Individuals who have sleep apnea suffer the affects of sleep deprivation.

Awareness of sleep apnea is much greater today.  Aria otolaryngologists can help to evaluate snoring conditions, William Henry, MD
Chief of Aria's 
Division of 
sees all ENT patients 
at Aria and directs 
their treatment. He 
performs surgery and 
other procedures for 
Aria ENT patients. 
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appointment, please 
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working in conjunction with sleep medicine specialists at Aria's Sleep Diagnostic Centers. Solutions that they can provide for snoring or sleep apnea include conservative measures such as better sleep management and positioning, weight loss, lifestyle changes, or oral appliances. Aria's team can equip patients who need additional care in the form of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system, which can be highly effective in improving sleep quality and other physical factors affected by sleep apnea. For patients with more severe disease or who cannot tolerate CPAP, Aria's ENT team can offer surgery including procedures that reduce the amount of tissue in the soft palate.