Sinus, Nasal, and Allergy Conditions

Care that Works: From Conservative Steps to Highly Specialized Interventions

Conditions of the nasal and sinus spaces - including those that block passages - are common, as are allergy reactions affecting these and other areas. Aria's ENT specialists have extensive experience in evaluating the signs and symptoms of such problems, and inSurgery and other interventional 
steps to correct sinus problems 
have become easier for the patient 
to undergo. Learn more.
providing effective care to control or resolve them.

The conditions may be due to anatomy and structure or growths in the nasal or sinus areas. Some patients get relief with simpler, noninterventional steps and others benefit from endoscopic procedures to repair abnormalities.

Chronic Sinus Problems - Solutions Are Better than Ever.

Sinuses are an intricate maze of sensitive tissues that conduct mucus flow. They are exposed directly to the air around us and respond to a variety of internal and external factors. People who suffer from sinus problems usually know who they are because symptoms are difficult to live with. They range from nasal discharge, to trouble breathing, to serious infections.

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Often, our sinuses are mildly and chronically irritated due to the quality of our air and other environmental factors around us. This makes them susceptible to response from natural allergens such as pollen, dust, and dander. For many reasons, the narrow passages within the sinuses can also easily become blocked. When these small openings cannot properly clear mucus, due to swelling, anatomical problems or lesions, trouble arises. Repeated inflammation due to these factors is called chronic sinusitis. Resulting pain, pressure, and low-grade fever can cause suffering. Headaches from sinus inflammations can mimic migraines.

When over-the-counter or prescription medications or other noninvasive treatments fail to adequately control these conditions, direct interventions are sometimes necessary. Today, ENT specialists use endoscopic procedures that take advantage tools and techniques providing a much gentler experience for patients who need these types of steps. Learn more.

Aria's ENT physicians perform an initial rhinoscopy or sinoscopy to evaluate and diagnose nasal and sinus conditions, and they order any additional testing needed, such as a CT scan. They work closely with patients to determine if medical treatment can succeed, before proposing surgery. They only offer sugical interventions to patients for whom maximal medical therapy has not been adequate. Learn more.

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Allergies Can Be Managed

Though they may occur separately, nasal allergies and sinus disease are often related. Aria's otolaryngology/ENT specialists understand the causes, overlap, and care for these conditions.

Allergies affecting areas of the head such as the eyes as well as the nose, sinuses, and other airways know no seasons. Yes, the most common nasal reactions come from airborne allergens that are particularly prevalent in the spring. But, individuals who react to pollen, mold, and dust, may have symptoms for much of the year. These allergies also can affect the ear canals and throat, as well as the lower airways.Of course, allergies also come in the form of 
food allergies, skin allergies, and respiratory 
allergies. Aria's allergy specialists also 
provide care for these conditions, as can 
its gastroenterologists, dermatologists, and 
respiratory/pulmonary specialists.

Delicate tissues in all of these areas are programmed to react to certain substances that seem foreign. Sometimes these tissues are already irritated by other physical or environmental factors.  Almost everyone has exposures to which they don't react well. But allergic sensitivities may get worse with age and location - and some people are compromised or debilitated by them most of the time.

No one should have to put up with significant ENT allergies that take away options and fulfillment in life. Knowing how to counsel patients through the range of possible treatments is an art and science for which Aria's ENT specialists are highly trained.