Hearing and Balance Disorders

Helping to Resolve Problems in the Function of the Inner Ear

Hearing loss and balance problems (vertigo) are widely prevalent and relate to the inner workings of the ear and the function of nerves and the brain. Aria's ENT specialists are specially trained and experienced in evaluating suchHearing and balance are critical 
functions for which the Aria 
staff is committed to offering 
the most responsive care and the 
most modern aids and treatments.
conditions and providing the most up-to-date care for them.

Aria's ENT division can provide initial evaluation and testing for hearing loss. They will screen for any acute or anatomical basis or any hearing loss secondary to other problems and offer the latest in care. For example, chronically enlarged adenoid glands can cause fluid build-up that can compromise hearing, and removal of adenoids is a common solution.

William Henry, MD
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sees all ENT patients 
at Aria and directs 
their treatment. He 
performs surgery and 
other procedures for 
Aria ENT patients. 
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As needed and for most individuals, the staff will refer patients for comprehensive testing to Aria's Audiology Center, located contiguous with the Aria's ENT division for care for progressive hearing loss. For common gradual (or traumatic) hearing loss, the staff will analyze type, range, and degree of hearing loss, and help to match patients with the hearing aid device best suited to their needs. Patients can benefit from in-office dispensing and adjustment of the device. Learn more.

Vertigo can have a variety of causes, and age is an important factor. The knowledgeable Aria ENT staff will use assessment steps during examination and help establish the triggers, severity, and basis of the conditions. They offer patients the very latest treatments in drug therapy for dizziness and other steps to help solve or minimize the impact of the condition. Vertigo is often transient and self-resolving, and the Aria team can advise on dealing with the condition. Treatment may also include maneuvers and exercises, or surgery.