Aria Audiology Center

A Patient's Reliable and Fully Qualified, Hospital-Based Resource for Hearing Testing and Aids

People with a hearing problem that needs correction typically notice these signs:What might someone be missing in life?  
With the latest testing and aids, the 
staff at Aria's Audiology Center can make 
sure that he or she doesn't miss a word.

·        They have trouble hearing friends, associates, and loved ones, and miss words in both casual and important interactions.
·        They have to ask people to repeat often. 
·        They turn the TV up louder than everyone else.
·        They feel that others mumble or drop the beginning or ending of words.
·        They have trouble hearing with other noise around.

·        They sometimes pretend to hear or think they’ve understood, when they haven’t.


These are signs that an individual has real hearing loss. One in six baby boomers does. 

Hearing often deteriorates gradually, and subtly, slowly causing irritability, failed communication, loss of interactions, and eventual disconnection from social surroundings. Today, though, the problem is usually fixable — with hearing aids based on the latest miniaturized engineering and digital technology. These hearing aids are smaller and less visible than ever before. 

The bottom line is that no one has anything to lose by getting a confidential test and learning about what’s available. Aria’s full-service Audiology Center can screen and advise on hearing needs. A complete audiogram, conducted by Aria’s certified and highly trained audiologist, tests not just ability to hear sounds but to understand speech. The staff can counsel on the question of hearing aids and, when necessary, equip individuals with the aid that’s right for him or her. Instead of shopping for a hearing aid, patients should look for the best audiologist they can find — who can then match them with the aid that is right for them. Aria’s audiologist, Michelle Goldstein, AuD, MS, CCC-A, FAAA, is doctoral-level trained and qualified.

Instead of trusting this important step to a hearing-aid dealer or retailer, patients can get the confidence of evaluation by a hospital audiologist under the supervision of an otolaryngologist — in a service established to guarantee objective recommendations and fair, reasonable prices on hearing aids for patients who need them. Aria’s center 
sells affordable hearing aids with warranties and with labor contracts that include complimentary cleanings and adjustments. The services are more comprehensive, and the prices often are more favorable, than those offered by local hearing centers and hearing aid retailers.

Call Aria’s Audiology Center, located at the Torresdale campus, to discuss a screening consult today: 215 612-5687.