Head and Neck Cancer

Dangerous Growths May Be Easily Overlooked but Need Aggressive Care

Less well known than other major types of cancers, abnormal growths of a cancerous type in different sites of the head and neck are not uncommon. Aria’s otolaryngology/ENT doctors are specially trained to recognize these Cancers of the throat and 
mouth are most common of 
these types of cancers, and 
are conditions that must be 
diagnosed and addressed.
conditions and promptly enter patients into a system of care to respond aggressively to them.

Oral cancers, and cancers of the throat (larynx), sinuses or other areas of the head or neck are sometimes benign but can also be malignant and dangerous. Aria’s ENT specialists work to spot signs and symptoms of these conditions and to locate and evaluate abnormal growths the may represent a cancerous process. Radiologic and endoscopic testing may be important to examining these abnormalities. A biopsy can help to determine the grade and stage cancerous lesions in these areas.

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Aria’s otolaryngologists work closely with other experts at Aria’s Cancer Center to create a treatment approach that gives the patient the best possible chance of eradicating the cancer. ENT specialists on this cancer care team may offer surgical intervention as part of a complete treatment plan managed in collaboration with Aria’s experienced medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other cancer experts.  
Aria’s ENT doctors help patients understand risk factors that they may have exposed themselves to for head and neck cancer. A preventive and monitoring plan is important for patients who undergone treatment for these types of cancers.