Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Correcting Problems of Structure and Appearance That Are Present After Birth or Injury or as a Result of Aging.

Many individuals are born with, develop, or suffer anatomical problems or aesthetic challenges in the face, head, or neck. Board-certified ENT surgeons can provide surgical and nonsurgical Aria's ENT surgeons take pride in being 
able to improve lives, through corrective 
or aesthetic procedures, and they understand 
both the art and science that must work 
together in first-rate plastic surgery.
solutions to these conditions, just as can general surgeons who specialize in plastic surgery.

Aria’s ENT division addresses these needs with corrective procedures for:
·        congenital abnormalities (such as cleft lip or palate, or other birth defects, birthmarks, or facial abnormalities)

·        the effects of facial trauma (as a result of accidents, burns, scarring or previous surgery, including for cancer or other conditions)

·        affects of aging and skin exposure.
William Henry, MD
Chief of Aria's 
Division of 
sees all ENT patients 
at Aria and directs 
their treatment. He 
performs surgery and 
other procedures for 
Aria ENT patients. 
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The reconstructive surgery that Aria’s team provides corrects defects, while its cosmetic-surgery services enhance visual appearance. The latter care can focus on the nose, eyelids, lips, brow, forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, or ears.
In these procedures, lasers may play a significant role, helping remove external or internal tissue in a highly controlled manner that results in the least injury to surrounding tissue, thereby making recovery faster. As can Aria’s dermatology services, the ENT team at Aria can also provide nonsurgical procedures with techniques such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and injectables.
The highly skilled and experienced ENT surgeons in Aria’s division work closely with patients in advance to make sure that patients understand scope of surgery and have realistic expectations about the outcomes. Sometimes several complementary procedures help patients reach their goal in facial and plastic reconstructive surgery.