Chronic Throat or Ear Infections

Inner and outer ear, repeated strep infections - care with the latest medical science

Many individuals are challenged by recurrent infections in the ears, throat, or both. Sometimes these infections do not respond fully or adequately to standard antibiotic treatment. Aria ENT specialists take advantage 
of a depth of experience to resolve 
the far-too-common pain and illness 
that comes from repetitive infections 
of the throat or ears.
They may return frequently due to the individual’s anatomy or other susceptibility, or exposures or activities. These prevalent types of infections may smoulder — lingering and not fully resolving until they return acutely. They are typically bacterial but may be initiated by a viral infection. Such a pattern of multiple yearly infections also involves the lymph system and can severely compromise the sufferer’s healthy, vitality, and well-being.

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Through history, examination, and testing, Aria’s ENT specialists can evaluate the basis of these problems and offer more durable solutions. Surgical interventions are an option for some patients.
Chronic ear infections may take the form of outer-ear infections — inflammations of the ear canal and sometimes the eardrum. Most commonly, these are “swimmer’s ear” infections, related to wetness and poor drainage in the ear canal. Inner ear infections are also common, especially in younger patients or anyone whose Eustachian tube does not drain well. Aria otolaryngolgists can advise on routine care, can offer acute treatments, and can sometimes provide interventions to help prevent recurrence. 
Chronic throat infections typically concern individuals who, for one reason or another, contract strep infections frequently. Antibiotic therapy has become the mainstay in treatment of even frequent strep infections, however tonsillectomy remains an option and can be delivered with skilled surgical care by Aria’s otolaryngology staff.
Aria’s ENT specialists apply all the latest knowledge to these types of problems and forms of care. They treat patients who are self-referred or referred by their primary-care physicians for repeated throat or ear infections.