Internal Medicine

A Special Focus in Medicine on Both
                     Primary Care and Critical Body Systems

Geoffrey Braden, MD
Chief, Division of Internal Medicine

Internal medicine physicians at Aria provide personal, ongoing care and a special expertise in broad physical systems that, for example, may affect cardiovasular health, metabolism, and organ function.  Aria's internists have training and experience in wide-ranging areas and serve as key clinicians in bridging between primary care and specialty care.  Their commitment to care for conditions such as hypertension, organ failure, nutrition, and a variety of other areas constitutes an essential type of expertise in patient care. 

Internists are particularly well prepared and skilled at providing either in-hospital care or private community care or both.  They are knowledgeable in caring for disease processes that affect multiple body systems.  They seek to provide comprehensive care with a special focus on chronic conditions and patients suffering from more than one type of illness at once.