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Women's Heart Health


Heart disease remains a killer of women, as well as causing tremendous amounts of disability and overall loss of quality of life. Cardiovascular conditions kill many times more women than breast cancer and other diseases that are often more closely associated with women's health. Yet, many women are not aware of the risks that heart disease poses. Some may even still regard it as a men's disease and may not be well informed generally about heart function, heart health and cardiac care.

Women and heart disease is an important topic. For example, compared with men, women are:

  • More likely to die within the first year after a heart attack
  • More likely to experience another heart attack or be disabled with heart failure within six years of a first heart attack
  • Less likely to receive the proper and needed drug therapy –– as well as interventional or surgical care –– for a heart condition

The staff at the Jefferson Torresdale Hospital's Heart Center can help identify risk factors that a woman might have for heart disease and make appropriate referrals for a full screening for heart conditions, for recommendations on steps to take to safeguard heart health, and for treatment for existing conditions. The Heart Center gives its patients access to the complete range of cardiovascular testing, drug treatment, minimally invasive interventional care, surgery and cardiac rehabilitation.

The Heart Center staff can help identify and treat conditions as stable and unstable angina, coronary artery disease, heart attack, heart murmur and heart failure. Our cardiac specialists can provide you with any diagnostics or cardiology consultations you may need and can help you in making decisions about lifestyle interventions and cardiovascular treatments.

There are many ways to work toward improving you heart health, even if you already suffer from a heart condition. Jefferson Torresdale Hospital's Heart Center staff can provide patients with precise assessment and can assist in long-term management of heart health, preventive steps, or interventions or care regimen, as part of overall care.