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Medical Cardiology

Medical Cardiology

The staff at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital's Heart Center believes in a careful approach to identifying and caring for heart disease. Matching patients with the appropriate level of care as quickly as possible is the goal.

That requires a high level of precision in diagnosis and the most knowledgeable selection of therapies or treatments. Conservative care through medical and lifestyle treatment is always the center's preference when possible and safe for patients. This approach spares patients surgery, catheter-based interventional treatments, and other invasive treatment steps.

Careful Evaluation

The center's medical cardiologists have a high level of expertise in determining which patients are best suited for this noninvasive approach to care. Improvements in testing, cardiac medications, knowledge about lifestyle adjustments and cardiac rehabilitation have permitted more patients to stabilize and improve their heart health with conservative care. On each patient's first visit at the Heart Center, the medical cardiology team will take his or her medical history and will perform a physical examination.

Delivering Noninvasive Treatment

In collaboration with our interventional cardiologists (and when necessary, our cardiothoracic surgeons or cardiac electrophysiologists), your medical cardiologist will determine what additional diagnostic procedures you need and whether the results of these evaluations indicate that you need direct intervention or drug therapy, lifestyle changes, or other conservative steps. The medical cardiologist will then continue to manage or help manage your care, monitoring your condition, your drug regimen and any need for further treatment.

Whether patients receives surgery, catheter intervention, or conservative care only, their medical cardiologist will be a source of ongoing follow-up in helping them understand and keep a prudent watch on their heart health. Their medical cardiologist can help them establish the program of care best suited to their condition.