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Inpatient Care

Inpatient Care

A hospital stay for a heart condition must be a positive experience that sends patients home healthier and prepared to do their part to help manage their condition. Our staff emphasizes one-on-one patient care, the latest and most effective treatments and therapies and a special focus on education.

At the Heart Center, patients benefit from continuity of care with staff members who know them and their condition and who are there for them throughout their stay. We pride ourselves on being a system in which it does not transfer patients to different units and floors, as their care is stepped up or down. Our patients remain in the same cardiac care area, with the same nursing and medical staff until they are ready to go home.

An Encompassing Commitment to Heart Care

This consistency of care assures that every medical step builds on and is based on the care that has come before it, in the previous hour or previous day. This up-to-the-minute approach means patients progress faster, get to know the staff, and are always guaranteed to be cared for by someone who is familiar with their case and needs.

Our cardiac care inpatient unit provides the latest amenities for the comfort of patients and their families. Its design facilitates responsive staffing and includes the latest monitoring capabilities.

A Broad Focus on Recovery

The nursing and other components of care are also fully dedicated to caring for heart patients. Recovering from heart treatment requires courage, stamina, and will power, and our personalized care helps patients to find this within themselves.

Inpatient care is carefully coordinated using knowledge of each patient's full medical history and current and long-term requirements. A stay at the Heart Center is also integrated with our cardiac rehabilitation program so that patients get better as rapidly as possible and continue that improvement as outpatients.