Jefferson Health Northeast


Heart Failure Care

Jefferson Torresdale Hospital's heart center provides the ongoing care and monitoring, as well as ready access to heart failure specialists by phone and in person. The staff sets up a program of visits specially tailored for each patient. The costs of such outpatient care are substantially less than the costs of the repeated hospital admissions that usually occur without it. Our Heart Center seeks to provide a model for ongoing heart failure care, and a safety net, for patients with heart failure.

The team establishes a schedule and set of criteria for visits that is right each patient.  At these visits, the staff examines the patient physically, assesses fluid status, and conducts other testing as needed,all with a thorough familiarity with the patient's condition and history. The center can correct the patient's fluid status as need, with oral, intravenous, or infusion diuretics, and it can adjust patient care to match each individual to the needed testing and care, including emotional counseling and cardiac rehabilitation.


Our team maintains its heart failure patients in this regular system of care because the result is dramatically less hospitalization, and improved health and vitality. With the right education, as well as maintenance, watchfulness and quick access to the kind of top-level heart care that our center offers, these patients (and their families) can have an improved quality of life and far less time at the hospital. Jefferson Health - Northeast is proud to have received the U.S. News & World Report recognition as high performing in Congestive Heart Failure.