Gastrointestinal Disease

Specialists in All Types of Digestive Disorders

Harvey B. Lefton, MD
Chief, Division of Gastroenterology


Aria's Division of Gastroenterology cares for patients with all types of digestive disorders. Specialists in the division are dedicated to thorough, compassionate care of both common and uncommon gastrointestinal conditions.

Aria gastroenterologists have the foremost in training and patient experience.  Our staff members are leaders and teachers in their field.  Among a complete range of services, they team with the staff of Aria's cancer center for cancer care, they provide one of the most active programs in the Philadelphia area in minimally invasive relief of blockages of the bile duct system, and they perform stenting to correct obstructions of the digestive tract.  Aria also works in cooperation with Jefferson's Liver Transplant Program to provide patients with advanced liver disease the opportunity for evaluation and transplantation.   

Meet our physicians.
Our objective as practitioners is to deserve the trust you put in us, by providing the best in services. Our board-certified gastroenterologists, certified nurse practitioners, and approximately 45 other dedicated team members strive to deliver patient care experiences that are always respectful, courteous, and compassionate. We offer all this and the latest knowledge at the convenience of community locations.

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    diseases and conditions for which our division provides care:

Special services of our division also include an:

► Endoscopy Center;
► Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic;
► and Hepatitis C Clinic.