Experienced, Knowledgeable Specialists offering Personal Care

Lawrence Charles Parish, MD
Chief, Department of Dermatology

Dermatology at the Aria Health's enjoys the participations of enthusiastic dermatologic clinicians in the Aria Health's areas. The members of the Division of Dermatology are board certified in dermatology and are highly competent.

Aria's dermatologists are located in office locations with convenient access to whose offices are usually found in one of the Philadelphia campuses or strategically located nearby to the Hospitals offer convenient office hours.

Areas of expertise include:

  • adult dermatology;
  • cosmetic dermatology;
  • dermatologic surgery;
  • geriatric dermatology;
  • pediatric dermatology;
  • and tropical dermatology.

Aria's dermatologists also provide in-hospital consultations.  They collaborate with primary care physicians, plastic surgeons, pediatricians, and nursing home staff members.