Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Prevalent and Potentially Serious, STD's Need Highly Qualified Attention In All Cases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a major public health concern and something to which anyone can potentially be exposed.  Individuals who have multiple sexual partners or who engage in unprotected sex are especially at risk.  Given the challenges inherent sometimes in treating the female reproductive and urologic tract, given the relation of some STDs to other health conditions, and given the relationship in some cases of STDs to fertility and exposure of the unborn and newborn, sexually transmitted diseases can be a special concern for women as a health issue.

As a comprehensive service, The Center for Gynecology & Women's Health can screen, evaluate, and treat women for all types of STDs.  The staff provides this care as part of routine primary visits or in response to STD concerns, risks, or symptoms that a patient may have.

our experienced, caring staff can also discuss each patient's questions or sexual exposure with her to apprise her of risks and suggest preventive steps.  Counseling can include education on safer-sex guidelines. 


The center's staff is experienced with diagnosing and treating all types of STDs.  Many such infections are much than a passing inconvenience and must receive care to avoid complications.  The staff can explain exactly what patients need to know.  Prevention is important.