Breast Conditions

Routine Vigilance Combined with Exceptional Management of Breast Abnormalities

A regimen for monitoring breast health is an essential part of a woman's program of personal health.  Regular self-examination and medical screening, as well as care for any acute conditions, are the components that help to safeguard breast health.

The staff at our Center for Gynecology & Women's Health, for example, can assist you in establishing, maintaining, and adhering to a schedule for self-examination and breast x-rays (mammograms).  The center's healthcare providers can teach proper breast-exam techniques and recommend the right frequency for mammography, based on an individual's age and other factors.  They also perform breast examination in the office, always including this step as part of each patient's routine physical.

Women should be aware of and responsive to any unusual or abnormal changes in their breasts, including lumps, pain, discharge (or other signs of infection), or alteration in appearance.  The center's women's health team can offer knowledgeable diagnosis to determine if a patient has signs or symptoms of breast conditions, and can provide – or refer patients to – the most up-to-date care when treatment is needed.

Our radiology and other diagnostic services offer the highest quality studies.  Patient's at the women's center know that results of their screening studies or other tests are sent directly to the center for follow-up, including results from any mammograms, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, or breast scan.

Breast changes or symptoms understandably bring concerns and sometimes alarm for a woman, and these responses can be accompanied by fear of breast cancer.  Many problems and findings – including many positive radiologic results – though, may indicate benign breast conditions.  Our staff can offer care for these treatable problems.

If patients are diagnosed with cancer or conditions related to cancer risk, center specialists can also help manage care, working with the team in our experienced breast cancer program.  The staff's goal in breast-cancer cases is to work to aggressively cure the disease.    

In preparation for your visit, please click here to download and fill out your mammography questionnaire.  

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