Adolescent Gynecology

Girls and Young Women in their Teen Years

A gentle, informed entry into womanhood provides the best kind of transition to adulthood and introduction to the questions, concerns, issues, and joys of physical maturation for girls entering, or young women in, their teen years.  The knowledgeable staff at our Center for Gynecology & Women's Health provides gynecologic education, counseling, and testing for adolescents, to screen their health, help them develop safe and healthful habits, and give them the awareness needed to confront the risks and challenges of young women in their age group.

Teens may often simply want confirmation of what is normal and what is to be expected in topics such as their maturing bodies, their feelings, and their choices.  In addition, prevention is the objective in guiding young people on healthcare questions that involve risk.  Adolsecent primary care, health problems, and injuries are a special area of medicine.


Laying Out a Healthful Plan for Years to Come
The center's staff believes that a young woman’s first visits to a gynecology practice should be a positive experience.  For this reason, its doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and supporting staff conduct appointments in a sensitive, caring, and age-appropriate manner.  They make special effort to explain all aspects of care and all procedures, and to encourage patients and their families to ask questions.  Examinations are adjusted for prepubertal anatomy and physiology, and delivered in a reassuring, nonthreatening way, without discomfort.

Providing confidentiality and gaining trust goes a long way toward successful interactions and care with teens.  Common areas where the staff can help to put the adolescent in a position to make positive health decisions include:

Being There for Young Adults
The center's is a wellness-oriented perspective, with a goal of involving parents as fully as possible or appropriate, relative to the concern or the condition, the age of the adolescent, and other factors.  The staff can alert teens to available hotlines, services, and resources for both them and their friends.  The objective in any adolescent care is to empower young people to exhibit responsible behavior and make responsible choices.

The center also has the option of referral to a full spectrum of pediatric specialists as necessary.  And as needed, adolescents may, of course, benefit from the complete range of care available to adult patients as well.