Orthopedic Surgery

Comprehensive, Top-Level Care for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Aria Health has an outstanding Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Active at all three of Aria campuses these orthopedic surgeons deal with all aspects of musculoskeletal disorders. The orthopedic staff at Aria Health is committed to the highest quality of both surgical and non-surgical care. They are skilled at dealing with the bone and joint disorders of the pediatric and adolescent population, the adult, and the geriatric population. The orthopedic staff at Aria Health grows every year with the addition of highly specialized and well-trained physicians.

Nearly all of Aria Health's orthopedic surgeons are board certified. Most of these surgeons participate in the highly regarded trauma program at Aria Health. The Aria Health Trauma Program is accredited on a yearly basis by the Pennsylvania Trauma Foundation. As part of this sophisticated team, Aria's orthopedic surgeons are involved in stabilizing patients who have been involved in high-energy injuries, car crashes, industrial accidents, and violent assaults. The orthopedic staff is responsible for the care of injuries to the upper and lower extremities as well as the spine. Treatment of these severe injuries includes the use of plates, screws, internal rods, and external fixation devices. The orthopedic staff is on-call 24 hours a day to Aria Health's Level II Trauma facility at the Torresdale Campus. When severe injuries present to the Emergency Room, the orthopedic surgeon who is assigned to the Emergency Room will arrive at the resuscitation within minutes to assist with the critical care of the patient. 

Aria Health has developed an outstanding joint replacement program. Many of the surgeons have been trained at some of the finest institutions from around the country. The orthopedic surgeons at Aria Health are well versed in the latest technologies and biomaterials utilized in joint replacement surgery. The field of joint replacement surgery involves primarily knee and hip replacement. Patients who have suffered with severe arthritis involving these joints and who have not responded well to medication, activity modification, and physical therapy have had dramatic improvements in their lifestyles after undergoing joint replacement surgery. Aria Health has invested millions of dollars in order to establish a state-of-the-art joint replacement center. The nursing staff and physical therapy staff have been carefully trained in order to promote rapid rehabilitation. With the addition of Moss Rehabilitation at the Aria Division, patients are enjoying a speedier recovery. The team approach at Aria Health between the orthopedic and rehabilitation departments is unique and allows Aria Health to stand out as a center of excellence in joint replacement surgery.

The area of arthroscopy has expanded dramatically at Aria Health over the last decade. All three campuses at Aria Health have invested significantly to purchase the most up-to-date digital technology to facilitate surgeons in treating disorders of the joints. The most common arthroscopies performed at Aria Health are of the knee, shoulder, and wrist. Other joints, which are arthroscoped by some of the specialty surgeons, include the ankle, hip and elbow. Arthroscopic surgery allows for evaluation and treatment of disorders of the joints utilizing small puncture holes and a lens that projects an image on a TV screen. By using tiny puncture holes, postoperative recovery is facilitated and return to activity is rapid. New techniques utilizing tissue-shrinking procedures has dramatically changed the way in which many joint disorders are treated. 

Aria Health has a staff of highly trained hand specialists. These are surgeons who deal with the disorders and dysfunction of the hand and wrist. Surgeons using microscopic applications treat injuries of tiny nerves of the hands and fingers. Arthritis and tendon problems are addressed with both surgical and non-surgical techniques. Utilizing splinting, hand therapy and localized injection, painful disorders of the hands are often treated without surgery. Complex dysfunction associated with stroke and neurologic disorders are the domain of the hand surgeon as well. The hand surgeons at Aria Health come from a background of nationally regarded academic training centers.

The Aria Health orthopedic surgeons work closely with Aria Health's Work Health Department. Utilizing a multi-specialty approach, injuries of the workplace are rehabilitated in a quick and rapid fashion. The Aria Health Physical Therapy department plays a vital role in getting injured workers healthy. Through work hardening and work simulating programs, the orthopedic surgeons at Aria Health have been very successful at reducing the exploding health care costs associated with injuries of workers.

The Podiatric Department is a subdivision of the Orthopedic Department. Aria Health's staff of highly skilled podiatrists sees a wide array of foot problems. Utilizing strapping techniques, orthotics, and physical therapy most problems of the painful foot are dealt with non-surgically. For those disorders that are resistant to simple measures, the podiatric staff at Aria Health has a fine reputation for highly skilled surgical techniques.