Appointments Calling the Center

Heart-to-heart care in the most advanced surroundings.

To reach the center, call: 1-877-808-2742

Please use this number for appointments, as well as for general inquires, billing questions, or for other needs in contacting our staff.  Our voice operating system will provide you with options, allowing you to select the phone extension that you need.

When making an appointment, please be ready to provide your:
        • referral information;

        • insurance information;
        • mailing address;

        • and primary-physician information.

Please note:  Heart care and cardiac services are currently in high demand.  Canceling appointments late has the net effect of preventing other patients from receiving the care they need in a timely fashion and causes a longer delay in your next appointment when you reschedule.   Please provide us as much notice as possible when you need to reschedule an appointment.

If calling about a prescription, please note:

  • We can provide long-term prescription renewals by phone, if you are currently under the care of on our physicians or nurse practitioners.  At the time of your call, please be ready to provide us with the name of your medication, its dose, and its route of administration, as well as the name and phone number of your pharmacy or prescription provider.  In our phone system, you can select our prescription line to leave this information as a recording.  Allow two business days for processing this renewal.

  • We will not usually prescribe new medications over the phone.

  • Phone renewal of pain medications can only be done during normal business hours and only with approval of the physician who is currently caring for you.