Heart Care

The Aria Health Heart Center


Downtown cardiac service right in your neighborhood: the Jefferson Torresdale Hospital Heart Center seeks to provide the best in heart care.  Patients get the foremost in technology and staffing, close to home. 

Not many areas – city, suburban, or rural – are fortunate enough to say that their community hospital has a long-established and respected heart program offering a full suite of cardiac services and operating out of the latest facility.  But that's exactly what the Jefferson Torresdale Hospital Heart Center provides to Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County, and greater Philadelphia.  Accomplished specialists with top-level training – who prefer to work in the community environment – lead the center, providing first-rate medical, interventional, and surgical care for all types of cardiac conditions at the convenience of an accessible, patient-friendly, neighborhood medical center.  Patients and their families find a complete range of heart solutions.

Offering cardiothoracic surgery, cardiac catheterization techniques, electrophysiology services, and ongoing, noninvasive, medical cardiology care, the center's staff of experienced clinicians works closely as a team, bringing the most effective techniques to bear in evaluating and caring for each patient's case.  The staff has also developed a rigorous and effective approach to responding quickly to patients who arrive at the center experiencing heart attacks.  The approach seeks to intervene to minimize the severity and impact of these attacks.

These doctors, nurses, technicians, and other staff members offer a truly exceptional resource, and make it available at a local hospital – creating a highly desirable, quality option in care.  Their successes, and the level of patient satisfaction that their center has earned, attest to the talent of their team and to the individualized, human touch that they bring to safeguarding the heart health of each and every patient.

Please review the extensive features of our center: 

The staff coordinates and delivers each patient's cardiac care, designing an individualized approach that meets his or her health needs.  Aria's team pride itself on a model that gives continuity to the patient, with care delivered by team members who know the patient and provide for his or her needs throughout the course of inpatient or outpatient care.

The heart center team works closely with your primary doctor, and any referring specialists.  An experienced staff of cardiac specialists will direct, deliver, and manage your care.  The goal is to optimize each patient's quality of life and maximize his or her function, so that work, family, and personal life are as active as they can be. 

The Heart Center primary location is at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital.  Please go to the Pavilion Building and proceed to the 2nd Floor. 

 Our Heart Health Physicians – Serving Our Community

Andrew Friedman, DO
Chief of Cardiology
Aria – Jefferson Health

Manoj R. Muttreja, MD
Cardiologist board-certified in cardiovascular diseases and internal medicine

Morris Rossman, DO
Cardiologist pecializing in cardiac echocardiography, cardiac rehabilitation, and cardiac preventative care