Lung Cancer Conference

Patients know that a group of dedicated lung-cancer physicians has conferred over their care and determined the best-available course of treatment.


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A Cross-Disciplinary Group that Teams on the Care Plan for Every Lung Cancer Patient

Patients who come to Aria for evaluation or treatment for lung cancer benefit from special attention, knowledge, and care that results from Aria’s weekly, multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Conference.  Organized by Aria’s Department of Radiation Oncology, the meeting brings together a full array of cancer specialists to evaluate each individual diagnosed with lung cancer.

Launched in 1999, this regular meeting of Aria cancer experts with a special interest in thoracic cancers reviews hundreds of patient cases each year.  The goal is to optimize each patient’s care and management.

Conferring surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other team members identify any additional studies a patient requires, reach consensus on each patient’s condition, and agree on a course of care tailored to each individual’s needs and based on the very latest know-how from all cancer-care disciplines.  Patients have the confidence of knowing that an experienced, skilled lung-conference group is now collaborating on their treatment and following them through each phase of care and follow-up.

Staff members in the conference are able to take advantage of Aria’s state-of-the-science radiosurgery/radiotherapy system against lung tumors.  Recently patients reviewed in the conference who have medically inoperable lung cancer have benefitted from high-dose radiotherapy using this advanced technology.  Aria’s state-of-the-science treatment system uses respiratory gating to compensate for breathing-related movement in the lung area during treatment.   Patients can complete the treatment in just a few visits.