Breast Health

The Breast Health Program at Jefferson Torresdale Health provides women with the ability to stay ahead of breast disease

Breast Health 


We approach breast care as an important, multidisciplinary area of medical focus. Our breast health-related programs include:

• A Top-Level, Breast Surgery Service
Highly trained and skilled surgeons provide experienced consultation to patients on radiologic findings and offer the latest surgical techniques and procedures.

• Multidisciplinary
Breast Evaluation Committee

At weekly meetings our multidisciplinary Breast Evaluation Committee, experts from breast surgery, radiation oncology, and medical oncology jointly review patient findings and cases to reach consensus on each individual’s care.

• Experienced Women’s Health Specialists
Dedicated women’s health practitioners in our Center for Gynecology & Women’s Health make breast health a priority in screening, patient education, and routine care.  They provide experienced evaluation for signs of breast disease and know when to confer with other specialists.

 A variety of services seek to address factors in breast health, while offering complete care.

• Exceptional, First-Quality Radiology Services
Our Department of Radiology prides itself on delivering the foremost in digital mammography.  It also takes advantage of CT, MR, and other types of imaging, as needed, for the most thorough information on breast conditions.

• Wellness HealthSource
Our extensive series of wellness & community programs emphasizes disease prevention and health promotion through exercise, diet, stress reduction, and other programs relevant to cancer and general healthful, including screenings for breast conditions.

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