Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Frankford Campus

Employment Opportunities
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Volunteer Opportunities
Have you been looking for an opportunity to give something back to your community and gain personal enrichment at the same time?

The Volunteer Services Department at Aria Health-Frankford offers two service programs, one for students and one for adults. Each offers a unique opportunity to enrich your life experience while assisting others.

Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you learn more about volunteer opportunities available at Aria Health-Frankford.

How much time will I spend?
Most volunteers work at least four hours a week. Many volunteer assignments are flexible, and we make every effort to accommodate your schedule by offering day, evening and weekend hours.

What will I actually do for the Hospital?
There are choices open to you in patient service areas. Volunteers are needed to transport patients, deliver mail, flowers and newspapers, help patients with their meals, assist the nursing staff and provide patients with magazines and books. There are also choices open to you in non-patient areas, such as finance and office work.

Will volunteering cost me anything?
Only your transportation and uniform.

What type of areas might I work in?
Aria Health-Frankford offers variety of volunteer opportunities. If accepted, you can work in many areas and roles throughout the Hospital, including: clerical, gift shop, information desk, hospitality desk, medical records, nurse assistant, physical therapy, radiology, patient transport and food and nutrition.

What will I receive in return?
The satisfaction of helping others. In addition, the Hospital staff and patients appreciate the value of your gift of yourself. We express our appreciation in many ways, like offering:

  • Free parking
  • Wellness Center privileges
  • Skills training
  • Cafeteria vouchers
  • Free health screenings
  • Annual flu vaccinations
  • Annual recognition luncheon


How can I apply for a volunteer position?
You can apply for the adult volunteer program by clicking here and you can print out a copy of the student volunteer application and corresponding forms by clicking here. You can also call Aria Health's Volunteer Department at 215-612-4170 for more information.


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