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Hospital Charges -- What Are We Talking About?

As of January 1, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is requiring that all hospitals post a comprehensive, online list of charges for services and goods that the hospital provides to its patient. The list, also known as a chargemaster, is intended to help you easily access charge information to improve price transparency. CMS also requires hospitals to post their charge per Diagnostic Related Group (DRG). We have provided that information at the bottom of this page.

Please watch the video below to help you understand what a chargemaster IS – and what it is NOT.

While we fully support efforts to improve pricing transparency, the chargemaster is only a starting point in determining the costs associated with your health care. By itself, the chargemaster is not the most helpful tool for you to comparison-shop between hospitals or to estimate your financial obligation for the healthcare services you receive.

That’s because a chargemaster is not:

  • the price you would most likely pay for your care. the actual payment rates the hospital receives.

Your out-of-pocket cost for care is not determined by the standard charges listed in the chargemaster for a hospital. Rather, these costs are driven by:

  1. the agreed-upon rate that your insurance company pays the hospital for the services provided -- which are generally less than the standard charges; and
  2. the copay, co-insurance or deductible required by your benefit plan.

Individuals without insurance receive a reduced price from the hospital and may also be eligible for financial assistance or charity care.

About YOUR Cost:

The best way to understand your cost for a specific hospital service is to work with your insurer and our patient financial services staff. They can review your personal situation to give you the most accurate estimate, which can vary based on:

  • the complexity of your treatment plan;
  • the insurer or payer that will be paying for the healthcare services we deliver;
  • the length of time you spend in the hospital;
  • additional tests or procedures needed; and
  • any other unforeseen conditions or circumstances that arise during your care or recovery

Our staff can be reached at 215-831-5800.


The FAQs below were created to provide answers to the most common questions you may have around pricing transparency and chargemasters.


Below, for your reference, is the chargemaster for our hospital as well as average charges per DRG.



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