PFAC Member Profiles

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Corinne Rahn

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 20-years and have worked in Patient Services at both Jefferson Health in Center City and Jefferson Health – Northeast. I’m a member of this committee because I have experienced the importance of communication in healthcare facilities as a nurse, caregiver, and a family member of a dementia patient with many physical and communications issues. Being available to patients and families is as important as providing the correct procedures and treatment they need.

My favorite vacation spot is Acadia National Park in Belfast, Maine. I have been vacationing there since I was a child with my family.

Betty McAdams

I’ve been retired since 2016 with 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry. I co-directed (coordination of the awards festivities) the 2002 Philadelphia Liberty Medal Award honoring Secretary of State, General Colin Powell. I’m serving on the Patient Family Advisory Committee because I’ve experienced a lot as my best friend’s advocate when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. My friend received excellent care at Jefferson Health – Northeast (previously known as Aria Health) and I want others to have the same excellent experience. I witnessed firsthand the empathy shown to the family from this hospital’s health care professionals. Two focus areas I am interested in helping is Safety and Patient Satisfaction.

A few of my hobbies are scrapbooking, gardening and reading. I also enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren.

Dennis McCrossen

I was employed by the United Stated Government for 40 years and have been retired since 2016. During my tenure, I was part of the Labor Relations and Human Resources teams. I also volunteer experience as a Youth Coach at St. Bernard Church, which I enjoy tremendously. I chose to be a part of this committee because as a former patient of Jefferson Health – Northeast (previously known as Aria Health) and a lifelong member of the community, my wish it to see this hospital thrive as a premier medical facility in Northeast Philadelphia/Bucks County and help to make a difference in my community. While a patient at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital, what impressed me most was the professionalism and compassion of the nursing staff.

A few of my favorite things to do is babysitting my beautiful 4 granddaughters, going to North Wildwood, and any form of fitness, especially yoga.

Kathleen Kane Cantu

I’ve been a Property Manager in Philadelphia for over 23 years. What I like most about my position is the interaction I have with my residents. Serving on the Patient Family Advisory Council will help me become more involved with my community. I’m looking forward to improving the coordination of care and the transition to home and community care with our patients and families. As a close family member of a patient, it was most helpful when my family could attend conference meetings with patient and physicians so that everyone was on the same page. In my downtime I enjoy walking, reading and cooking. One of my favorite places to go every year is Cape May, NJ.

Margaret Lineman

I’ve been part of the Jefferson Health – Northeast (previously known as Aria Health) Volunteer Department since 2012. Part of my duties is serving our families beverages and snacks while their love ones are being attended to in our Emergency Department. When asked to join the PFAC committee I immediately said yes! My experience as a patient will gives me a perspective which will be helpful. One of my most memorable experience as a patient was that the staff were always kind, helpful and positive. When I’m not flying back and forth to London, I enjoy gardening, along with reading my favorite books and history.