Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residency Program

Program Director(s): Andrew Ogden, D.O.
Associate Program Director:  Amy Penza, DO
Program Number: 127485
Program Length: 3 years





Aria Health's IM program prepares residents for board certification in Internal Medicine and/or subspecialty fellowship training. The program allows for progressively greater responsibility in the medical management of patients and patient care decisions. The didactic program consists of monthly journal clubs and 5 dedicated and protected hours of weekly academic conferences that include faculty presentations from various Internal Medicine resources, subspecialty guest lecturers, resident presentations, osteopathic manipulation review and medicolegal seminars. Other academic services provided to the residents include a subscription to Challenger, which is an online board review tool with a full curriculum for the life of the residency, and a subscription to up to date. In additonal to these resources, you will have access to a very comprehensive online medical library through the hospital intranet.

Residents develop and present Case Presentation Conferences and Morbidity and Mortality Case reviews during the course of their training.  The Department of Medicine Grand Rounds, Daily morning report and noon conferences are also part of the educational experience.

In-house rotations include standard Floor/ Telemetry teaching Teams at Bucks and 2 excellent but vastly different ICU experiences. The Bucks ICU allows for individual growth and autonomy with oversight from 2 different critical care attendings as well as the admitting attending. The Torresdale ICU is a much larger and busier ICU with a wide mix of medical, surgical, and trauma patients. You will round with an organized critical care team led by a full-time Intensivist. Both ICU's allow for significant procedural experience. Multiple large university hospitals in the area provide excellent academic and clinical experiences for completing elective and selective requirements, and we place very few restrictions on outside rotations. This allows for valuable "face time" at institutions where you may be pursuing a fellowship.

Residents also complete a weekly half-day ambulatory medicine experience in the hospital's urban Internal Medicine Clinic at the Frankford campus. The residents are able to develop their own panel of patients that they manage throughout their residency career. Monthly patient information sessions are held by the residents to educate the Clinic patients about common medical topics, like tobacco cessation and diabetes. We schedule your patients so you will have sufficient time to spend with each patient and be comprehensive in their individual care plan.

 The traditional call schedule has been replaced with a Night-Float system which allows for better continuity in patient care. The Night-Float system also eliminates missing time away from rotations when you traditionally would have been post-call.

The Aria Health Internal Medicine residency program is committed to providing our residents with the best educational experience found in a community hospital. The friendly environment allows for growth at all stages of training. We welcome you to find out more about our program by contacting our Program Directors or Chief Residents and/or scheduling a visit to our hospital.

 Sample Curriculum

          4 blocks Medicine 
          1 blocks Surgery
          2 blocks ICU
          1 block Cardiology
          1 block Emergency Medicine
          1 block GYN
          1 block Anesthesia
          1 block Family Practice
          1 block Night Float
         4 blocks Inpatient General Internal Medicine
         4 blocks Internal Medicine Selectives
         2 blocks Medical Intensive Care Unit
         1 block Night Float
         2 blocks elective
        5 blocks Inpatient General Internal Medicine
        4 blocks Internal Medicine Selectives
        1 block Medical Intensive Care Unit
        1 block Night Float
        2 blocks Electives


Cardiology                    Pulmonary                     Infectious Diseases
Nephrology     Rheumatology     Neurology
Gastroenterology     Endocrinology     Hematology/Oncology


Internal Medicine Residency Academic Conference
Sample of the Monthly IM Schedule


  1st Thursday
2nd Thursday
3rd Thursday
4th Thursday
9AM FACULTY: Allergy/ Immunology Board Review Cardiology:
10AM Medical Treatment 
Practice Series:
HEME/ONC: Pharmacology
11AM Pulmonary: Procedure 
Oral Board Cases
GI ICU Resident M&M
Journals: (example)

Famotidine for the prevention of peptic ulcers and oesophagitis in patients taking low-dose aspirin (FAMOUS): a phase III, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Meta-analysis: Travel and Risk for Venous Thromboembolism
Stent Placement in Patients With Atheroschlerotic Renal Artery Stenosis and Impaired Renal Function