Osteopathic Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Director: Scott Plasner, DO, FACOEP, FACOI, FAAEM
Associate Program Director: Annahieta Kalantari, DO
Emergency Medicine Chairman: Gerald Wydro, MD
Program Number: 127482
Program Length:

4 years





The Aria Health's Emergency Medicine Residency Program offers a unique experience for education in Emergency Medicine. Academic excellence is combined with the hospital's mission to provide comprehensive and accessible health care to the communities of Philadelphia and Bucks County. The diversity within the Aria Health system creates an atmosphere of enhanced educational and clinical opportunities, while affording the development of individual interests.

The Emergency Medicine Residency Program supplements the clinical rotation experience with affiliations with other academic centers of the Philadelphia region such as Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Temple University Hospital, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, Cooper Hospital University Medical Center, and Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Through Aria Health's unique three campus system and affiliates, residents have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the medical community. This diversity of clinical experiece prepares the residents for careers in all areas of Emergency Medicine. Clinical, administrative, teaching and research skills are developed and cultivated, creating the next generation of leaders and mentors in their field.

Because of Aria's diverse three-campus system with an annual emergency department volume of over 130,000, the residents gain exposure to both urban and community medicine. The philosophy of the emergency medicine residency program is based on the triad of high quality patient care, patient safety, and education. While patient care remains a departmental priority, all three elements are integral components to a comprehensive education experience.

Residents will rotate through the Emergency Departments of a brand new state-of-the-art high volume 40+ bed Level II Trauma Center at the Torresdale Campus, a newly expanded busy urban Emergency Department at the Frankford Campus, and a growing suburban Emergency Department at the Bucks Campus. Each resident will spend approximately 26 rotations in our Emergency Departments with the remainder of their rotations devoted to experiences in pediatric emergency medicine, emergency ultrasonography, anesthesia, obstetrics & gynecology, orthopedic surgery, adult & pediatric critical care, toxicology, burn care,  and trauma. A variety of elective rotations and a research experience are available to allow residents to meet their individual needs. Weekly academic conferences with faculty and guest lectures, resident presentations, simulation, and board review sessions are an integral part of our educational curriculum. 

Both the didactic and clinical curriculums has been designed to foster an environment of academic inquiry, and challenge the residents to develop clinical, teaching, administrative and research skills. The residency works within a framework of evidence based medicine and graduated clinical responsibility. As the residents progress through the program, clinical responsibilities reflect their broadening knowledge and experience. Having established a high level of expectations for our residents, our graduates leave with the skills and confidence necessary to become leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine.

Aria Health is committed to providing our residents with the best educational experience in a friendly community environment. We welcome you to find out more about our program by contacting our Program Directors or Chief Residents and/or scheduling a visit to our program. 

Sample Curriculum 

5 blocks Emergency Medicine
2 blocks Internal Medicine/Night Float
1 block  Critical Care Medicine
1 block  Trauma
1 block  Ob/Gyn
1 block  Pediatric Emergency Medicine
1 block  Anesthesia
1 block  Emergency Ultrasonography

7 blocks Emergency Medicine 
1 block  Critical Care Medicine
1 block  Pediatric Emergency Medicine 
1 block  Orthopedics 
1 block  Urology/Research
1 block  Trauma
1 block  OB/GYN

8 blocks Emergency Medicine 
1 block  Burn Unit 
1 block  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 
1 block  Trauma 
1 block  Ultrasound/Ophthalmology/Research
1 block  Elective

7 block  Emergency Medicine
1 block  Pediatric Emergency Medicine
1 block  Emergency Medical Services
1 block  Neurology/Toxicology
1 block  Critical Care Medicine
1 block  EM Administration
1 block  Elective