Clinical Research & Institutional Review Board (IRB)

As part of Aria joining Jefferson, the Aria Institutional Review Board (IRB) has been transitioned to the Jefferson IRB, which will now have oversight of all Aria – Jefferson Health research projects. With this transition, there will be some adjustments in regard to current studies and with any new research proposals at Aria.

The first change is that ALL study investigators must complete CITI program training. Thomas Jefferson University will be the sponsor group in this training. www.citiprogram.org is the link for CITI program training. Attached to this email is a document that explains how to register with the CITI program training.

For existing research under Aria IRB approval, investigators are asked to provide copies of current study documents along with the most recent IRB approval letter and continuing review report. These documents should be emailed to Kim Bell at kimberly.bell@jefferson.edu

For all new research proposals, Jefferson IRB documents will be utilized. Those documents along with an abundance of other resources are available on www.jefferson.edu/university/human_research.html. The link to the Jefferson IRB website is also available on the Aria IRB website.

Aria – Jefferson Health will maintain a research presence at our institution. All investigators who are submitting studies for IRB exemption may submit those to Louise Dougherty at Ldougherty@ariahealth.org. As the institutional research representative, I will review studies for exemption status and communicate with investigators directly. Studies that require expedited or full approval, will be submitted to Kim Bell at kimberly.bell@jefferson.edu.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at annahietakalantari@ariahealth.org.