Nursing at Aria


The Department of Nursing at Aria Health supports and empowers its nurses in fulfilling the hospital's mission of providing exceptional patient care.
Aria Health utilizes a nursing practice model based on Relationship Based Care or RBC (Koloroutis, 2004). The RBC model provides a conceptual framework as well as a vision for delivering care with strong underlying values and principles. It also provides the practical infrastructure for putting into action the education and leadership needed to make Aria Health Nursing successful and provide an effective means to measure that success. This model is comprised of three relationships of care providers: relationship with patients and families, relationship with self and relationships with colleagues.
The most crucial relationship is the healing relationship with the patient and their families or significant others. Aria nurses are committed to providing compassionate care, through conveyed a kind act, through competent clinical interventions, or through listening with empathy.   They convey respect and personal concern for the patient, strive to understand what is most important to them, safeguard their dignity and well-being and actively engage in all aspects of the patient’s care.
To support the relationship with self, our nurses are provided with opportunities to learn and grow as a nursing professional and to explore opportunities to support development and wellness.  Learning begins in a comprehensive orientation program, in which you are teamed with an experienced nurse, many of whom have been trained in our Preceptor Workshop.  Our Department of Nursing Education provides additional learning opportunities, including the specialty courses, clinical updates and Nursing Grand Rounds.
Staff nurses are encouraged to continue their professional growth and receive recognition and rewards for their achievements through several different programs, including our Professional Nurse Recognition Program. We celebrate the achievements of our professional nurses at Aria, whether they are making valuable contributions in direct patient care, research, community service, in professional development or participation professional organizations (News and Notes).
To support the relationship with our colleagues, our Nursing Shared Governance Councils empower bedside nurses, alongside other nurse professionals, to exercise autonomy and accountability as they address issues related to professional nursing, including clinical policy development, informatics, professional development, retention, recruitment, and the performance improvement process.  Nurses are also members of hospital committees, where collaboration with interdisciplinary health team members occurs to develop evidence based care processes. .
Aria Health, located in Philadelphia and Bucks County, is dedicated to providing a positive environment to practice the art of Nursing. We encourage you to look at the employment opportunities available here and invite you to join our staff of nurses dedicated to exceptional care, every patient, every time.